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AKC Ch. BigNuttDane's Can't Tie Me Down

                   *** NEWS FLASH***
We are pleased to announce that Diesel's lovely daughter has finished her AKC Championship! 
Penny finished her Championship on a nice roll, winning 7 of her last 9 shows, which included sweeping back-to-back wins at The Northern California Great Dane Specialies going WB/BOW's under Breeder Judges Karen Martin and Jane Gray 4/26/2014 and 4/27/2014 respectively. 

Penny finished at Woofstock in Vallejo, Ca. going Reserve Winner's Bitch on Thursday and then back into the winner's circle on Friday, June 6, 2014 going Winner's Bitch/BOW and then back again on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 for 2 more points to finish her Championship.  "Peace, Love, and Dogs!" 

We would like to thank the following judges for their support:

Mr. Witney J. Coombs            2-points  
Mr. Adrian Woodfork              1-point  
Breeder Judge Karen Martin  4-point Major
Breeder Judge Jane Gray      4-point Major
Mr. Rolland Pelland                1-point
Mr. Bob Busby                        1-point
Ms. Mary Ann Brocious         1-point
Mrs. Karen S. McFarlane       2-points To finish

We have to give a special thank you to Tiffany Baggaley for her training, patience, and superb exhibition of not only Penny, but all of our dogs over the last five years!  You are the best Tiff.  We would not do this without you.
We are also very appreciative of all of the ringside support from our fellow Dane enthusiasts.
We are BigNutt Ranch and Great Danes located in Northern California between Sacramento and San Francisco.  We are a blended family with 5 adult children and 2 granddaughters.  We have two horses; Smokey, a gentle quarter horse gelding and Aubrey, a firey thoroughbred, with 'Killer' the ranch cat rounding out the zoo. 
Currently we are the home to 3 Great Danes.  In order of their age, we have  Danni 7-years old, her boy Diesel is  5-years old, and his daughter, Penny is 2-years old. 
We are proud members of the Great Dane Club of America.  Elizabeth continues to be a member of the Monterey Bay Great Dane Club. We actively help and support the The Northern California Great Dane Club.   We adhere to the Breeder's Code of Ethics as outlined by The GDCA. 
We encourage first time Dane owners to seek out Great Dane Rescue of Northern California for their 1st Dane.  Adults are much easier to live with.
We are sorry, but we currently have no breeding plans in place nor do we expect too anytime soon.   
Jim and Elizabeth 


Week 8 Video on You Tube The song is Great Dane by Smythe and Taylor

Danni, Diesel, and Penny getting out after days of rain.

AKC CH. BigNutt's Wild Irish Thyme of Magnus
AKC CH. BigNutt's Wild Irish Thyme of Magnus

Photo Courtesy of Kate Jackson

Champion BigNutt's Can't Tie Me Down

BigNutt's Warrior Princess

AKC Ch. Sligo's Too Hot To Be Legal of BigNutt V PCH

For our lost kids....
....Gone but never forgotten...